How To Be Eligible For Pardon, Expungement, US Entry Waiver

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Record Suspension/Pardon Qualification, Eligibility

A record suspension, also known as a pardon, ensures that an individual’s record of criminal convictions is sealed and will not appear in police background or criminal record checks. Generally, to attain a record suspension, you must have served your sentence in its entirety, paid all fines associated with the conviction, and maintained good behaviour for a certain amount of time after your sentence was completed. However, the applications for record suspensions are highly personalized, and additional requirements may be necessary based on your unique circumstances. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist with your pardon application.

Record Destruction/Expungement Qualification, Eligibility

A record destruction, also known as an expungement, is available to individuals who were charged with a crime but were not convicted. To apply for a record destruction, your charges must have been dismissed or discharged. You can also apply for a record destruction if you have already received a record suspension (pardon). Eligibility for a record destruction and the documents required to apply may vary depending on the circumstances of your charge. Call us today for a free consultation to determine if you qualify for a record destruction.

US Entry Waiver Qualification, Eligibility

A US Entry Waiver is the required document for individuals with a criminal record that has not been pardoned or destroyed who plan to travel to the United States for work or leisure. The seriousness your offence, your citizenship status, and the purpose of your trip are all factors that influence your eligibility for a US Entry Waiver. The process for obtaining the waiver is highly subjective, and a personalized approach is essential. Call us for a free consultation to learn if you qualify for a US Entry Waiver and how we can help you with your application.

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