Record Destruction (Expungement)

What is Record Destruction/ Expungement?

Record destruction, also known as an expungement, is available to individuals who were charged with a crime but were not convicted, or who have been charged and have already obtained a pardon. Canadian Record Destruction ensures that fingerprints, photographs, and court and police records associated with the arrest are destroyed and all information is fully removed from the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) database.

Why Pursue a Record Destruction/ Expungement?

Though you may not have been convicted of the charges you faced, if you have been arrested and charged, the record of this remains public and can appear when a police background check is conducted. Much like a criminal conviction, a record of arrest can interfere with your goals including job advancement, homeownership, and travel. Record destruction gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the record of your arrest and charge cannot interfere with your future.

How do we Help As Record Destruction Services In Canada?

At Canadian Pardon Applications, our legal and administrative representatives have years of experience handling the record destruction process along with some of the best Expungement Lawyers. We work with police detachments and other relevant organizations to access the required information and accurately complete the record destruction. From verifying the arresting police detachment and learning their Criminal File Destruction policies to making certain that your records are removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre database and your Fingerprint Number is destroyed, we take care of every step of your record destruction application.

How Do I Qualify For Criminal Record Destruction In Canada?

To apply for Record Destruction, your charges must have been dismissed or discharged. You can also apply for record destruction if you have already received a record suspension (pardon).

Eligibility for record destruction and the documents required to apply may vary depending on the circumstances of your charge.

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A Criminal Record should not be a sentence to a lifetime of restrictions and limitations.

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