Record Suspension (Pardon)

What is a Record Suspension?

A Record Suspension, also known as a pardon, ensures that an individual’s record of criminal convictions is sealed and will not appear in police background or criminal record checks. Canadians with a criminal record may qualify for a record suspension if they have completed their sentence, paid all fines associated with their conviction, and refrained from re-offending for a specified amount of time (amongst other requirements). A Criminal Record Suspension is obtained by submitting a completed application to the Parole Board of Canada.

Why Pursue a Criminal Record Suspension?

Your criminal record is not automatically erased after your sentence is served. This means a crime committed in the past will continue to have consequences that impact your quality of life. Without a Record Suspension, your criminal record will appear on various background checks. This can limit your options for housing and employment, impede your ability to own a home and travel freely, and interfere with processes like child custody cases, loan or credit applications, and immigration. A record suspension allows you to seal your criminal record so the mistakes of your past can no longer cast a shadow on your future.

How Do We Help In Your Record Suspension Application?

At Canadian Pardon Applications, we employ a team of legal experts and administrative professionals who specialize in quickly and accurately completing the application process for a record suspension. We work closely with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), local police detachments, and the Parole Board of Canada to conduct the required record checks, case research, and court record searches. For clients who have served in the Canadian Forces, we also handle military conduct checks. We make fingerprinting easy by providing the required consent form to complete your fingerprinting at a conveniently located police station or accredited service provider.

Record Suspension Eligibility

To be eligible for Criminal Record Suspension, You must have…

  • Served your sentence in its entirety
  • Paid all fines associated with the conviction
  • Maintained good behaviour for a certain amount time after your sentence was completed

However, the Record Suspension Applications are highly personalized, and additional requirements may be necessary based on your unique circumstances.

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A Criminal Record should not be a sentence to a lifetime of restrictions and limitations.

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