US Entry Waiver

What is a US Entry Waiver?

US Entry Waiver is a required document for individuals with a criminal record that has not been pardoned or destroyed who plans to travel to the United States for work or leisure, or in cases where an individual is refused entry into the United States. The Waiver ensures that the individual is able to legally enter the United States without being denied or detained. A US Entry Waiver requires that fingerprints are submitted to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) along with other supporting documents.

Why Pursue a US Entry Waiver?

It is risky to attempt to enter the US without an Entry Waiver with any criminal record on file. If you are stopped by border services, you will likely be detained, photographed, fingerprinted, and questioned, at which point, your records are shared with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Without a US Entry Waiver, entering the United States can, at best, mean dealing with the considerable hassle, and at worst, lead to your arrest and deportation.

How do we Help as a US Entry Waiver Services?

At Canadian Pardon Applications, we have the expertise and knowledge required to produce a strong US Entry Waiver Application that will likely be accepted by U.S. Homeland Security and approve an individual for entry. Our team uses extensive legal experience to determine your specific needs and help you prepare and compile the most relevant supporting documents. We handle case research and court record searches and make fingerprinting easy by providing the required documents to complete your fingerprinting at a conveniently located police station or accredited service provider.

US Entry Waiver requirements – How Do I Qualify?

The seriousness of your offence, your citizenship status, and the purpose of your trip are all factors that influence your eligibility for a US Entry Waiver. The process for obtaining the waiver is highly subjective, and a personalized approach is essential.

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