Can I cross the US border with a criminal record?

With any criminal record, it is risky to attempt to enter the US without an Entry Waiver. If you are stopped by border services, you will be detained, photographed, fingerprinted, and likely denied entry. Your record will also be shared with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Homeland Security.

Can I cross the US border with a criminal record?2023-12-14T15:34:30+00:00

What is a US Entry Waiver?

A US Entry Waiver is a required document for individuals with a criminal record that has not been pardoned or had their arrest record destroyed, or for individuals who have been denied access to the United States. This applies to all individuals who plan to travel to the United States for work or leisure. The

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What is required to qualify for a pardon?

To qualify for a pardon, you must have served your sentence in full, paid any associated fines, and avoid re-offending for a certain period of time. Several other factors also influence qualification. Call us for a free consultation to find out if you qualify.

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Can a pardon be revoked?

A pardon may be revoked by the Parole Board of Canada if the individual to whom the pardon was issued re-offends and is convicted again. A pardon can be obtained again after the sentence for that crime is served and the individual avoids re-offending, however, they may face stricter criteria.

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What is a record destruction (expungement)?

A record destruction, also known as an expungement, is available to individuals who were charged with a crime but were not convicted. A record destruction ensures that fingerprints, photographs, and court and police records associated with the arrest are destroyed.

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What is a record suspension (pardon)?

A record suspension, also known as a pardon, ensures that an individual’s record of criminal convictions is sealed and will not appear in background or criminal record checks. Canadians with a criminal record may qualify for a record suspension if they have completed their sentence, paid all fines associated with their conviction, and refrained from

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Who can see my criminal record?

While criminal records are not accessible to the general public, your criminal record is visible to police officers, border security officers, judges, and other officials. Your record is also accessible through a background check which is requested in many scenarios including employment, mortgage or leasing applications, citizenship applications, custody of your children, traveling and educational

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Is my criminal record cleared after my sentence is served?

A record of your charges remains public even after your sentence is served and fines are paid. This record will remain on your criminal record and will appear if a background check is completed. This applies regardless of how much time has passed since you were convicted of an offence.

Is my criminal record cleared after my sentence is served?2023-12-14T15:26:35+00:00
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