Although a right to live a happy life is free for every human being in the world, things can take a fairly dramatic turn once a criminal conviction is given. While principle dictates that criminal convictions are apt for those who have broken laws, the implications that follow long after the sentencing and time served are far greater than one might expect. Most people with criminal convictions tend to miss out on leading fulfilling or encouraging lives after they are labelled as ex-cons. We will Learn about ‘Pardon Meaning’ & ‘Pardon Advantages’ in this article

Pardon Meaning
Record Suspension/ Pardon Meaning, Advantages

From limited job opportunities to strictly-enforced travel limitations, the disadvantages of having a criminal conviction to your name span far and wide. Privileges are stripped away as soon as a criminal conviction enters the picture, which can lead to a rapid decrease in the quality of living for those who are brandished with it. However, all hope is not lost as recent revisions in Canadian laws have made it possible to start anew with a pardon or record suspension.

Any person with a criminal conviction record can restore their chances of living a fair, happy, and successful life once again if they are eligible for a pardon or record suspension. 

Record Suspension/ Pardon Meaning

Formerly known as a “pardon”, a record suspension is a privilege that is granted to candidates with a criminal conviction record who meet certain conditions set by the Canadian government. Once the pre-determined conditions are fulfilled and an application is passed, a Canadian ex-convict shall be granted a record suspension upon the final decision of a competent authority. Through a record suspension, a person with a criminal conviction can have their criminal records closed, preventing any employees, organizations, and individuals from being able to access them. A pardon is referred to as a “second chance” by those with a criminal record because it allows them to return to a free life and enjoy the same privileges of someone with a clean record. 

Record Suspension/ Pardon Advantages

Applying for a pardon comes with an extensive range of benefits: 

  • Easier job applications: The majority of Canadian employers and businesses tend to have a strict standard on hiring help, with most people having a criminal record being denied or struggling to find work. However, with a pardon, a person with a criminal record can have an easier time applying for work because their records won’t be shown when an employer runs a background check.
  • Ability to join social organizations: Just like Canadian workplaces, social organizations also maintain a strict amount of control over who joins them, immediately rejecting anybody with a criminal record. Once a pardon or record suspension takes full effect, a person with a criminal record can join any social organization and render social work.
  • Ease of travel: One of the most difficult challenges to overcome as a person with a Canadian criminal record is that they cannot travel out of the country, especially to destinations such as the US. Some countries have stricter standards than the others, but having a pardon or record suspension can generally make travel easier. 

Applying for a pardon or record suspension can give people with a Canadian criminal record a second chance at life after prison, making it much easier to reintegrate into society. Thankfully, the process of application is much easier than one might expect, only requiring a $600 fee and a few eligibility requirements, such as a waiting period and a clean post-conviction record. The easiest way to attain a pardon or record suspension is through the help of a competent pardon organization that can handle the process on your behalf.

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