Having been previously convicted of a crime has long-lasting effects even after the sentence has been served. For job hunting, in particular, being reminded of a criminal past during an interview with a respective employer can easily prove to be a traumatic experience. We’ll see the Consequences Of A Criminal Record On Your Future

Consequences Of A Criminal Record
Effects Of A Criminal Record On Your Future

What Having A Canadian Criminal Record Entails

A startling reality that the majority of Canadians with a criminal background have to live with is that they can never seem to escape from a life of destitution long after release. Aside from the actual prison time that is served and the stigma that must be dealt with, a tainted record is another problem that results from having a criminal history. 

The permanent record that is incurred by having a Canadian criminal record adds a significant level of difficulty to the entire process of finding a job. Unfortunately, millions of Canadians also have to deal with the same reality of not being able to land a job that can help set them straight for the rest of their lives. 

In the rare case of being able to land a job with a criminal record, however, it is still possible to experience a sense of stinging mistrust from your bosses and colleagues, impeding you from working comfortably. 

Consequences Of Having A Criminal Record in Canada

Generally, the Canadian criminal justice system is run well enough to ensure that every person that serves their time is reformed in a way that allows them to resume living normally. Excluding those convicted for heinous crimes and crimes against humanity, Canadians with a criminal record have never lost their right to be treated fairly—and they never will. The startling reality of having a Canadian criminal record, however, is that the punishment for committing a crime takes place long after a sentence is served, regardless of what the crime is. 

While it may be easily perceived as an instance of discrimination, the aversion of employers towards applicants with a criminal record is a problem that persists until this day. Although the notion of rehabilitation in incarceration is a positive notion that has slowly been taken into consideration by some employers, most applicants with criminal records are still rejected. 

Looking At The Conflict From The Perspective Of Canadian Law

According to Canadian criminal laws, people with a Canadian criminal record are not required to disclose any facts about their history or past. The exception is when it is an application for a government job which is one of the Consequences Of A Criminal Record on Your Life

The problem, however, continues to persist as Canadian employers and hiring managers have maintained a certain level of aggressiveness in obliging applicants to disclose criminal records. 

Criminal record aggressiveness still ensues today due to Canadian laws having no legalized means of protection from discrimination over the existence of a criminal record. Essentially, employers who discriminate applicants with a criminal record based on “gut feeling” are protected by the right to select their employees. 

In spite of the fact that discriminating people based on criminal records completely goes against moral principles and purpose of imprisonment, it is still ironically protected by the law. Fortunately, it is still very much possible to return to a life of normalcy with ease through the process of applying for a pardon or record suspension.

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What Can You Do To Overcome Your Criminal Record?

A record suspension or criminal pardon is the first step that Canadians with a criminal background must take to reintegrate back to society. It’ll help you to overcome the Consequences Of Criminal Conviction. By applying to the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), you can make your criminal record inaccessible, effectively “wiping it out” from the reach of any potential employer. Once your criminal records are hidden, you will no longer have to disclose your criminal record, as the PBC will do the necessary steps for you to ensure that you can apply for work with peace of mind. 

Admittedly, applying for a job with a Canadian criminal record is one of the hardest things to do due to the stigma of having a tainted file and a regrettable past. Should you fit the criteria for applicants, applying for a record suspension or criminal pardon provides the perfect opportunity to get back on track in life.

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