Today, Pardons in Canada are also known as Record Suspensions. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your criminal activity will be hidden so you can move ahead with your life. Here are a few things that can happen after your Pardon/ Record Suspension is granted:

What happens to your criminal record?

When you get a Pardon or Recording Suspension, the Parole Board of Canada will order the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to seal your criminal record and remove it from the criminal records database. But, your criminal record is NOT deleted. And it is NOT erased. The details of your criminal record are hidden from the general public.

What shows up on a background check or criminal record check?

Because your criminal record is removed from the criminal records database, your background check will come back clean. Your criminal record is not going to show up.
Clearing a record from a criminal record can result in positive developments in your life, like receiving employment and traveling to new areas.

What should you say when asked if you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense?

You should say, “You’ve never been convicted of a criminal offense in Canada”.
Organizations and employers are not allowed to ask if you’ve gotten a Pardon or a Record Suspension.

And that is what the Canadian government wants you to have. A second chance in life

The law covering Pardons is known as the Criminal Records Act. The premise of the law is that criminal records create real barriers in life.

The law acknowledges that people make mistakes and once they have completed their punishment and have been law-abiding citizens, they should be allowed to move on and develop into productive members of society in Canada.

And the key to giving people a second chance is to hide your criminal record, thereby removing the stigma associated with criminal activity.

When you get Pardon, as far as the people you are acquainted with are concerned, your conviction record does not appear. And nobody is ever going to be allowed to ask if you’ve got a Pardon.

Can a pardon be revoked?

For certain crimes, a pardon can be revoked depending on the actions of the offender. For example, an individual could violate the terms of the pardon, commit another crime, or misrepresent themselves in the application process.

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