Mistake! Everyone does it. There is no one on the earth who has not committed any mistakes in their past. People do wrong things and move on. Few learn from them, few don’t. But few serious mistakes from the eyes of the law can cost you your whole life. Finding an employment with a criminal record in Canada is challenging in itself. The problems you face, the hurdles you have to cross all of them are not easy and not for everyone. In this article, we will see What Jobs You Can’t Get With A Criminal Record In Canada. The situation will be different once your criminal record is removed or sealed. For that you can apply for pardon application.

What Jobs You Can't Get With A Criminal Record In Canada?


Do not lie about your criminal record to your employer. There is also no need to give criminal record information on your own unless asked. Because, if you lie about your criminal record and if your employer finds out, its going to be a huge problem in front of you and you may even get arrested for hiding the info. Now, let’s see the list of Jobs You Can’t Get With A Criminal Record In Canada.

What Kind Of Jobs You Can Not Get With A Criminal Record In Canada?

Jobs which include working with children/ minors

If you are working with minors then make sure you do not have any criminal record. This includes volunteer jobs with kids, teachers, lecturers, babysitting or even you can not work in any role in baby stores.

Jobs where you have to be bonded

It is generally observed that people with a criminal record tend to move from place to place. If an employer wants to sign the bond of a specific time period e.g. 2 years then the assurance of the person working for that particular period is low hence these kinds of jobs also you can not get if you have a criminal record.

Jobs requiring a police clearance, background check

If employer is purposefully doing police clearance and background checks it can be assumed that the job requires someone who can take tremendous amount of responsibility and also has some security concerns.

Jobs using your thumb print to get in the employee door

If employer is taking your thumb print to at the entry of the office, it requires the police clearance check. Since RCMP has your thumbprints your fingerprints can be sent for verification to RCMP at any time especially if employer has the background checks enabled at his end.

Admittedly, applying for a job with a Canadian criminal record is one of the hardest things to do due to the stigma of having a tainted file and a regrettable past. Should you fit the criteria for applicants, applying for a record suspension or criminal pardon provides the perfect opportunity to get back on track in life.

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