It’s no secret that Canadians love travelling to the United States of America, especially when it comes to New York, Las Vegas, California, and Florida. Whether it’s for a full-blown vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Canadians travel to the U.S for vacation for two reasons. First, they can drive from place to place. Second, the two cultures are similar, so Canadians don’t have to make any big adjustments when they go there by crossing the U.S. Canada Border. But while most Canadians have the freedom to travel to the U.S, chances are those without the right requirements or certain restrictions won’t be able to enjoy this privilege.

U.S. Canada Border Crossing Tips

People are usually turned away at the U.S. Canada border because they have a criminal record or they don’t have the required documents to cross the border legally. However, the former can prove to be the most difficult obstacle for Canadians to clear, especially because the country has some of the most stringent rules on entry and is a hotspot for immigrants.

What could possibly go wrong crossing U.S. Canada Border?

Whether you’re crossing the border by air or by land from Canada, you’ll have to go through customs or border patrol as soon as you arrive. The United States of America’s Department of Homeland Security acts as the first line of defence against illegal immigrants. They will pose a significant threat to anyone with a criminal record trying to enter the country. Here are a few risks that you might face when trying to enter the United States with a criminal record:

U.S. Canada Border Crossing Problems

You will be questioned for hours

One of the biggest struggles that anyone can face when entering the United States with a criminal record is that the Department of Homeland Security will interrogate you about it. However, you can clear this obstacle by cooperating with your handling officer, and being completely honest when answering every question they’re asking you. This will increase the chances that they will let you through.

Your entry can be denied

It’s important to remember that you can be denied entry into the United States of America based on the judgement of the officer in charge of your case. If you don’t meet certain qualifications and provide them with the required documents to defend your criminal record, then you will most likely be denied. You will be told that you must obtain an S. Entry waiver should you decide to try again.

You can be banned or even arrested

Typically, being banned comes as a result of overstaying in the United States, but it can also happen when you come without the required documents. At the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security, you could face a ban that could last a few years. You would have to secure a U.S Entry waiver as soon as the ban is lifted should you decide to try again. In a few rare cases, you might even be arrested if the border patrol or customs officers see you as a threat, so it’s best to be on your best behaviour during the interrogation process.

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