Record Suspension Service Fees

At Canadian Pardon Applications, we employ a team of legal experts and administrative professionals who specialize in quickly and accurately completing the application process for a record suspension. We work closely with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), local police detachments, and the Parole Board of Canada to conduct the required record checks, case research, and court record searches. In addition, to complete your Record Destruction, we work with police detachments and other relevant organizations to access the required information and accurately complete the record destruction. From verifying the arresting police detachment and learning their file destruction policies to making certain that your records are removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre database and your Fingerprint Number is destroyed. Pardons Canada Cost & Services fees are mentioned below

Pardons & Waivers Canada Cost & Fees

A Criminal Record should not be a sentence to a lifetime of restrictions and limitations.

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