If you dream of running a business or working as some type of professional or specialist here in Canada, you’ll need to fulfil certain requirements that can take an awful lot of time to process. If you have a criminal history, this feat will be even harder to pull off. People who have been found guilty of certain crimes can change for the better as soon as they’re released. Some aim to start businesses, while others try to get back on track by going into a profession they’re suited to. We’ll see about Provisional License With Criminal Record, Municipal License With Criminal Record, Federal License With Criminal Record.

If you have a criminal history and you’re looking to turn your life around by running a business or becoming an industry specialist, you should consult your local pardoner to find out how you can apply for a license or permit at your local License & Permit Issuing Office. 

Secure Pardon For Following Licenses & Permits

Turning your life around after a few bad decisions will be much easier with the help of a pardon or record suspension. It can make getting a license or permit easier. Whether you want to run a business or practice a profession you’re passionate about, we’ve prepared a list of the licenses and permits you can get from your local office.

Municipal License With Criminal Record

In order to get this type of license, you’ll have to undergo a criminal background check first. Your local License & Permit Issuing Office will need to make sure you can work in a sector that puts a lot of emphasis on good conduct and public safety. 

Permit & License With a Criminal Record in Canada?

Here are some professions for which you’ll need to get a license or permit:

  • Adult entertainment clubs (AECs) – owners, operators, managers, and entertainers
  • Arcades and pool hall businesses
  • Auctioneers
  • Boat rental businesses
  • Personal services – electrolysis, hair salons, nail shops, piercing and tattoo shops, waxing, etc.
  • Bowling alleys
  • Building cleaners
  • Building renovators
  • Car wash, garage, gas station
  • Circuses and carnivals
  • Limousine companies
  • Pawn shop owners
  • Pet shop owners
  • Second-hand store owners

Provincial License With Criminal Record

Provincial licenses are for those who need a license to run a trading company or those who are eyeing specific jobs that require permits from an even higher body of government. You’ll need a provincial license for such jobs because they involve certain components that need to be regulated intensely. With a provincial license, you’ll be able to take on jobs that require special licensing, including the following:

  • Establishing a collection agency
  • Owning and running a funeral home
  • Running custom auto speciality shops and automotive repair shops
  • Selling gas products, such as gasoline, propane, and diesel
  • Working in a cemetery, real estate, restaurants, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

Federal License With Criminal Record

Catering to businesses that are heavily regulated, you must secure a federal license if you plan to run a manufacturing plant or and handle import-export operations in and out of Canada. These tasks typically require a higher license bracket, as they involve major transactions, logistics, and are prone to large-scale crimes such as smuggling. Here are some jobs for which you will need a federal license. Such jobs also place a lot of emphasis on getting an actual pardon.

  • Animal importation
  • Clothing and textile importation
  • Cultural property importation
  • Export of soft lumber 
  • Export of military goods and technology
  • Import of firearms and ammunition

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