What is considered Impaired Driving in Ontario?

Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles) while your ability to do so has been compromised to any degree by consuming alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two.

Is impaired driving a criminal offence in Ontario?

Yes, Impaired driving is a criminal offence in Ontario. Your crime may not be the most serious or the actual accident might not have happened, but you will face serious criminal charges if you are caught. Having a criminal record on your name affects your life to a very large extent. Thanks to provisions like Pardons, you will be able to get back to normal life.

Impaired Driving Penalties in Ontario

Impaired Driving Ontario: Penalties, Statistics, Explained in Details

New impaired driving laws Ontario, Canada

Impaired Driving Ontario: Penalties, Statistics, Explained in Details

Mandatory Roadside Screening
The police got more power now. They can stop you anytime at roadside and force you to take your breath sample in the device to determine whether you have consumed alcohol or not.

Drinking After Driving

Another significant change to impaired driving laws is that you can now be charged with driving over 0.08 if you consumed alcohol after driving. Under section 320.14(1)(b), police can demand samples of breath up to two hours after you drove. If you blow over the legal limit, you can be criminally charged.

Drunk driving statistics Ontario 2020

Impaired Driving Ontario: Penalties, Statistics, Explained in Details

As you can clearly see from graph, the citizens between 25 to 34 have the largest percentage in impaired driving accident cases. To avoid further consequences, It’s better to drive sober. It is for your own safety. Even due to some circumstance, if you face impaired driving charges and want to clear your criminal record, feel free to take our free pardon consultation.

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