The Parole Board of Canada (PBC), which is a part of the Canadian criminal justice, is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for making record suspension decisions, quality conditional releases, and clemency recommendations. They contribute to the protection of society by assisting with the timely reintegration of lawbreakers back into society. In all of PBC’s decisions, public safety is their main consideration. Today we’ll see in details about the Fastest Way To Get A Pardon In Canada/ Ontario!

Fastest Way To Get A Pardon In Canada Or Ontario
How Fast Can I Get A Pardon In Canada

How to Apply For a Canadian Pardon or Record Suspension?

Individuals looking to acquire record suspension or pardon in Canada are often inquiring as to how this lengthy process can be done faster. Whether you are looking for a new job or planning to travel to another country, your pardon must be granted quicker.

However, whatever path you choose, there is no way that the process can be done faster, and yet, the application is not even 100% guaranteed. Despite this, people still look for tips, shortcuts, and other under the table tactics to help expedite their request. Unfortunately, many other factors are affecting the timeframe of your application approval.

How Long Does It Take To Get A DUI, Criminal or Any Pardon In Canada? Why?

The amount of time needed to prepare for a record suspension or pardon application may take anywhere from four to six months before being sent to the government. Once the application is received, application processing and decision making may take between 4 to 24 months, depending on the gravity of your offence. In some cases, the results may even come five years late after you have started the process. Even then, the results may not return as favourable as you expected.

The reason for this is that all applications submitted for suspension or pardon require the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to provide sufficient information about the applicant in question, and also information obtained from the local police services, courts, and other sources, whenever necessary.

Gathering relevant data from the courthouse where the applicant was convicted may also take time. Policies of each courthouse regarding the release of information may affect the processing time as well.

Canadian Pardon Applications Police Record Reference Checks

The local police department will need to submit a police record check as mandated for all pardon applications in Canada. This is a requirement for every jurisdiction that the applicant has lived in for the last five years. The police department may normally take two to three weeks to a few months to complete the check and provide the information. If the jurisdiction is only small-sized, the information may be provided immediately.

Canadian Pardon Application Submission

Once the application is complete, it must be sent to the Parole Board of Canada. The application can go through within six months with a summary conviction. On the other hand, it will take twelve months with indictable convictions since they are more serious and require a comprehensive investigation to assess the application. A successful result pardon can go through the process in four months at a minimum and eight months for an indictable offence.

Similar to any other applications submitted to the government for processing, timeframes for granting pardon are subject to changes. Summary offences will more likely be processed faster than indictable offences. However, given the many factors affecting each case, it is difficult to provide an accurate timetable for them.

How Fast Can I Get A Pardon In Canada?

The best way to make sure that your application for a record suspension is processed without any delays is to take the time and effort in preparing and submitting the application. Before anything else, make sure you are qualified for a Canadian pardon.

If you’re looking to know more about the Canadian pardon services, get in touch to see how we can help!

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