A Criminal record can stand in the way of several of your personal and professional objectives, limiting your ability to lead the life you want. The stigma associated with a history of misconduct can stay with you forever, impairing relationship development and preventing professional networking.

Your criminal record can prohibit you from becoming an upstanding citizen in a lot of ways, as it can stop you from volunteering for humanitarian causes and going on international travel trips. Because it can restrict your overseas volunteering opportunities, a criminal record can disqualify you from accomplishing certain dreams.

Doing Charitable Work Abroad - Record Suspensions - Canadian Pardon Applications

Volunteer Work and Criminal Records

Assisting others through volunteer or charitable work is satisfying and advantageous, but a criminal conviction may prevent you from participating. Many volunteer organizations perform background checks, so if you are incarcerated, there are many opportunities that won’t be open to you.

Traveling with a Criminal Record

In Canada, people with criminal records are not permitted to bring themselves into the country without permission, and this measure is taken by the government for its citizens’ protection.
Other countries have similar rules, including the United States, and this will affect you if you have a criminal record and want to travel.

Getting a Record Suspension for International Charitable Work

Although a record suspension will not guarantee you’ll be granted permission to enter another country for benevolent work, it makes it much more likely that you will be granted permission to do so. Receiving a Record Suspension in Canada does not necessarily indicate you’ll be given the opportunity to enter another country.

However, if you want to volunteer abroad, it’s important to contact that nation’s consulate or embassy to inquire about its policies surrounding criminal records and Record Suspensions. Nonetheless, a Record Suspension will make it so that your past record doesn’t show up when you apply to volunteer with an organization and will improve your chances of being able to travel.

For your Record Suspension to be approved, you must possess fulfilled your sentence fully, waited the predetermined time frame, and prove that you are a law-abiding citizen. However, if you were convicted of a sex crime involving a minor or have more than three indictable convictions for which you served at least two years of jail time for each, you will not be eligible for a Record Suspension.

It may be difficult to fulfill your dream to emigrate to a place or take part in humanitarian work abroad because of difficulties caused by your earlier actions.
A Criminal Record also prevents you from doing a number of helpful things, including volunteering and traveling internationally, which will prevent you from lending a hand and learning in another nation.

If you’re looking for a way to help others and have turned your life around, a record suspension can provide a way to achieve this goal, improve your life, improve your opportunities, and make it possible for you to fulfill your dream of helping others abroad.

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