Obtaining a U.S Waiver is a two step process. This begins with the completion of your application which is a detailed step by step process that is finalized by Canadian Pardon Application Services. Secondly the US Department of Homeland Security will review and approve your application to secure your travel freedom.
Canadian Pardon Applications (CPAS) takes pride in providing a smooth and efficient process for all Canadians and continues to be Canada’s leading Application service. Timelines below are calculated based on Expedited applications only however other factors that may delay the process include: Courts, Local Police, RCMP, applicant response times and others.

CPAS is an industry leader in expediting U.S. Waiver applications.  Timelines below are estimated based on ideal conditions with Priority status.  External factors which could lengthen the timeline include court and police response times, delay in completing fingerprints, efficiency in applicant’s communication, and others


ApplicationCPAS TimelineGovernment TimelineTotal Timeline
U.S. Waiver2-6 months3-6 months5-12 months
Canadian Pardon4-6 months3-6 months7-12 months