Rehabilitation Certificate Canada

What is a Rehabilitation Certificate?

A Canadian Rehabilitation Certificate is a document issued by a certified Canadian rehabilitation service provider that affirms that an individual with a previous criminal record is committed to contributing positively to society and is unlikely to re-offend.

Why Acquire a Rehabilitation Certificate For Felons?

An essential requirement for attaining a record suspension, record destruction, or US Entry Waiver is evidence that you are unlikely to commit another crime. This is often measured by your ability to maintain a clean record and demonstrate responsibility and stability in the years after your sentence has been served. However, a Rehabilitation Certificate For Felons is a helpful supporting document that strengthens your case. While this certificate is completely optional, it does improve the quality of your application and increases the likelihood that you will be approved.

How do we Help In Getting A Rehabilitation Certificate?

We work directly with certified Canadian rehabilitation service providers to assist you in attaining a rehabilitation certificate. We arrange your telephone appointment with the rehabilitation centre who will issue an official certificate at the end of your telephone call. This certificate will be used as a supporting document to advance your claim to the Parole Board of Canada and/or U.S Homeland Security that you have no likelihood to re-offend.